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How to increase your LinkedIn engagements?

After establishing a LinkedIn profile, you will have to build your network. You will need to use content as an amplifier to get your LinkedIn profile in front of your desired audience. You can then get them to engage with you and can make them be your follower. In this article, you will find a few best practices to increase your network.

  • Regularly post updates

You will have tb be consistent in posting content in LinkedIn. That is the only way you will get visible to people. LinkedIn gives importance to people who post on a regular basis. These posts will be shown to a larger audience than those posts that are posted once in a while.

  • Posts to highlight keywords

Your LinkedIn is your single page website. This conveys your organization brand and most importantly your brand as well. You will have to build an online brand on LinkedIn. This can be done by posting topics that are your strengths and those that convey the strengths of your organization also. So, use the right keywords that people will be thinking about. That way you can increase the engagement with your desired audience.

  • Be contextual to your visitors

Your visitors expect posts that are useful to them. So, you will have to ensure that your posts are contextual to them. You will be able to connect with them and to engage with them if they find some value in your posts. The visitors will see your LinkedIn posts and will appreciate what have written because they have been thinking about the problem. They will be glad that they have been able to gain some information. They will then connect with you.

  • Give out multiple formats of content

Not all the ideal buyers in the LinkedIn network will consume one type of content. All of us use Text format as the main format. We will only create friction with this one format because those people will not like to consume text. Hence you will have to use multiple formats like Image, Video and Audio as well. You will be able to engage with multiple people because you are giving them a format, they will be comfortable with.

  • Include the right CTAs

Every post, in addition to a great content that is useful to your visitors should also have a follow-on action. You obviously would want your followers to connect with you on LinkedIn or visit your website as further action. So, placing a good CTA is an important aspect of each post.

  • Set engagement goals

No strategy will yield any result if there are no goals. You will need to have a combination of weekly and monthly goals in terms of visitors and followers. You will then be able to work towards accomplishing the goals set by you.

  • Change strategy based on Insights

Analyzing your LinkedIn Insights will help you find out what went well and what did not go well in your posts. You should constantly keep looking at the performance of your posts and change your strategy in order to reach your goals.


A combination of a consistent and well-thought strategy for posting will help you reach your follower goals in your LinkedIn page. This helps in a good demand generation strategy because they will see your posts when you would post them in your LinkedIn profile.