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We are a TourismTech Ecosystem

Introducing FiiRE – The Forum for Innovation Incubation Research and Entrepreneurship a Technology Business Incubator backed by the Government of India’s Department of Science and Technology. Our core expertise lies in the dynamic field of TourismTech. Additionally, FiiRE boasts versatile offerings in the form of Coworking, Business Support, and Skill Development, all dedicated to the tourism sector.

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FiiRE: Empowering dreams, igniting growth – fueling the success of startups.
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FiiRE: Investing in innovation, fueling the future of startups
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We help Startups to grow

Our progress thrives on the invaluable support of our diverse ecosystem partners, spanning various sectors. These partners possess the expertise and resources necessary to address your specific needs and requirements. Through a meticulous assessment of your venture or startup, our partners offer indispensable guidance and assistance, ensuring your journey is guided by seasoned insights. Together, we pave the way for your success.
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FiiRE empowers you to capitalize on strategic opportunities that enhance your competitive edge, while fostering seamless alignment between operations and overall strategy. Our comprehensive support ensures that you can prioritize key initiatives that drive success. With our expertise, we streamline and optimize your operations, empowering you to embark on a transformative journey. Let us revolutionize your back-office functions and unlock your true potential

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To deliver on the promise of a holistic startup ecosystem and work environment and to enable your startup further through funding, mentorship, and workmanship.

What is FiiRE Vision?

To make Goa the world's premier destination for TourismTech startups by 2030.

What is TourismTech?

Technologies that reshape tourism for travelers, suppliers & the environment. TourismTech includes travel, hospitality, mobility, smart cities, Cleantech etc. that got the potential to improve Tourism in any Tourist geography.

What is the TourismTech Fund?

The TourismTech fund is dedicated to supporting startups in the tourism industry by providing financial aid for various stages of development, including proof of concept, prototype development, product trials, market-entry, and commercialization. The fund's primary focus lies in backing startups that seek to revolutionize the tourism sector in areas like waste management, sustainability, media, and mobility.

Can I apply for incubation if my startup is not a TourismTech startup?

Yes! We can connect you to the right stakeholder in the ecosystem, depending on your requirements.

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Our Top 3 Centers & Their Offerings

The FiiRE Ecosystem provides a comprehensive and immersive journey at all our destinations. Explore a range of offerings including incubation programs, state-of-the-art coworking spaces, cutting-edge FiiRESkills courses, engaging FiiRE Business workshops, top-notch prototyping facilities, and much more. Immerse yourself in a thriving ecosystem that caters to all aspects of your entrepreneurial growth. Discover endless possibilities with FiiRE.
FiiRE Panjim
  • FiiREWork Coworking
  • Incubation
  • Access to Talent Pool
  • Conference/Meeting Room
FiiRE Sulcorna
  • 200 Acres of TestBed
  • FiiRE Skills
  • FiiRE Business
  • Piloting Opportunities
FiiRE Fatorda
  • Incubation
  • FiiREWork Coworking
  • Prototyping
  • Conference/Meeting Rooms / Auditorium

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