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Technology Business Incubator

FiiRE (Forum for Innovation Incubation Research & Entrepreneurship) is established with the support of the Department of Science & Technology, Government of India under the National Initiative for Developing and Harnessing Innovations. FiiRE is housed at the Don Bosco College of Engineering, Fatorda promoted by the Salesian Society, having an extensive reach in over 130 countries.

FiiRE supports early stage technology ventures which work towards innovation, development or improvement of products or processes or services with a scalable business model that solves a real pain, has global impact and provides value to customers. We are sector agnostic but have special interest in product development and manufacturing startups. We have a structured incubation process that helps startups build prototypes, connect to strategic mentors, early adopters and investors.

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Infrastructure : Modern work spaces, meeting rooms, conference room, auditorium, cafeteria and more. ; Business support: accelerating the learning curve ; Networks: facilitating access to external resources, knowledge and expertise.

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Handholding and counselling during ideation stage, support in establishing proof of concept with mentoring and prototyping support. We have established testing labs and design center with CNC machining, 3D printer, PCB, softwares, etc.

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Seed funding

Assistance and guidance to avail seed funding through various schemes of Government of India. Access to angel investors and venture capitalists every quarter. Advice and support towards seed fund due-diligence.

Our Products and Services For Startups

FiiRE supports technology ventures on their journey through the startup phase from ideation to fund raising. FiiRE seeks to support entrepreneurs working on innovations that could become commercially viable products and services. FiiRE offers support to startups broadly in two categories.

Incubation support is offered to startups who are dedicated to utilise the services of the incubator including the infrastructure, training and hand-holding support and the networking opportunities. FiiRE also explores co-incubation opportunities for its incubated started with domain focused incubators and accelerators. Access to incubation manager or incubator staff is available at all times. FiiRE takes an equity of 2 percent for the dedicated services offered under the fast track mode.

Virtual support is offered to startups who do not need the services of the incubator on a full time basis and who wish to reach out to the incubator for support as and when required. Access to resources  for virtual startups will be based on availability.

FiiRE also provides co-working space to companies who add value to the startup ecosystem within the campus. The offerings include modern dedicated workspace, high speed internet, meeting rooms and auditorium, pantry and cafeteria, power backup, access to college talent,access to playgrounds and more.

Our Awesome

Pricing Plan

We are aware of the needs of startup entrepreneurs and have tailormade support for ideators, early stage startups, growth stage startups and mature startups.


Based on Selection


  • Structured program with mentors
  • Access to all infrastructure
  • Incorporation and IP advisory
  • Prototyping support
  • Access to seed fund / investors
  • Freebies and discount benefits


Open to all


  • Access to mentors on request
  • Limited access to infrastructure
  • Incorporation and IP advisory
  • Paid prototyping support
  • Access to seed fund / investors
  • Limited access to training and workshops




  • Modern dedicated workspace
  • High speed internet
  • Meeting rooms and auditorium
  • Pantry and Cafeteria
  • Power backup
  • Access to college talent
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