The core vehicle of our efforts, supporting founders design and scale solutions providing the right mix of education, network and capital support.



Travelers are demanding more Clean tech / waste management / sustainable solutions and companies must be at the forefront of embracing technology to maintain their competitive advantage.


New technologies are paving the way for friction less experience. From inspiration & booking, transportation, at the airport, on the plane, at the hotel or rental, meetings & events, in-destination experiences, and post-trip.

Customer Engagement & Loyalty

A personalized experience is key to innovate in travel: it enhances loyalty, increases direct bookings, and enables service stickiness.

Ancillary Revenues

We drive innovation by looking outside of core service offering and increasing customer wallet-share by tapping into new ancillary revenue streams.

Operational Efficiency

Lowering cost and increasing productivity through automation technologies without disrupting the quality of service levels. Get in touch to lead innovation in travel.

Fintech & New Payment Solutions

Empowering passengers to choose their preferred method of payment using digital wallets to ensure a friction less checkout experience.

Consumer Products

Advanced decision making


Goa tourism accelerator
The flagship program of FiiRE, designed for early and late stage startups to harness the global customer perpective from Goa and build a truly global business. This is a 4 month program that brings a peronalised approach to testing and GTM strategy.


Gain access to new markets
Built for growth stage startups to reduce the cost burden and to participate in select international partner programs.


Build your startup from anywhere.
For early stage startups navigating the path towards the right product – market fit. Bundled with opputunities to network with local and global experts and learn with fellow founders from all around the world.