Work alongside an innovation driven community, not too far away from the beaches.

Best Coworking Space in Goa

Coworking spaces in Goa, have become hugely popular given the work environment, the promise of work-life balance and a healthier, more productive ecosystem that the state offers. With a 25000 sq ft space housing labs. Founders, startup teams, as well as corporate teams, find Goa to be the perfect destination where work and life blend in seamlessly and productivity flourishes amidst the sea breeze, the hospitality of its people, and the collaborative startup community.

FiiRE’s coworking spaces are specially designed to foster creativity and productivity as well as encourage a collaborative, mindset, where personal and business growth becomes a natural outcome.

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Whether you are a freelancer, designer, digital nomad or a single founder just starting out, FiiRE gives the right environment to be productive and to collaborate with other innovators.

Startups Teams

Ideal for startups building lean teams with options for flexible, fixed, closed cabin and part-time options. Ample opportunities for networking and upgradation to structured mentoring programs.

Corporate Teams

Take a break from the conventional four-walled office setups. Best suited for remote teams, innovation, product and design teams. Be part of a community fostering innovation

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Flexible Office Terms

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State-Of-The-Art Conference Room

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