Space to start, Room to grow.

We believe each idea is unique and every entrepreneur is on a different growth trajectory, so we personalise our efforts for you, with you.

Program Benefits


Perfect blend of entrepreneurs, creators and industry experts.


Coworking spaces in Goa, not too far away from the beaches.

Investor Networks

Seed fuding through grants and investor intros.

Events and Networking

Opputunities for learning and networking with experts, collaborators and customers .

Fiire up kit

Unmatched free credits from our tech, accouting and legal partners.


Bespoke office hours with industry experts for tech and business mentoring.

Selection Criteria

Can your solution work for other markets, geographies or consumers?

Did you discover a new and unique solution to address a critical problem?

Are you a full time founder with demostrated capability in the market segment targeted? Are you aware of the gaps in your teams skill?

Do you have a minimum viable prototype ready? Or Does your target user personna resonate to the problem addressed by your solution?

Selection Process

  • Fill out the Application form
  • Preliminary assesment by the internal panel
  • Screening meeting via video call/IRL
  • Final confirmation
  • Induction to the community and coworking space