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How to build a business website

All organizations, independent of the nature of business they are in would require a website. All of them build websites but they don’t end up engaging with their visitors. The websites don’t end up producing engagement and conversions. You will have to build the right type of business website. Building a business website is a combination of a few well thought out steps. They are:

Choose the right Content Management System

It is good if you can build your website using a robust Content Management System. Websites using certain technologies are good but ends up being complicated when the business owners need to use it on a daily basis. Non-technical people find it very difficult to make the changes. Hence it is important that the right type of a CMS is being used. This will help build a quick website. Lots of plug-ins with pre built functionalities can also be installed. These plugins give the ability to perform multiple actions with the visitors to engage more with them.

Develop a responsive site

Our website will be viewed by multiple people using multiple devices. It is then important that our website is viewed using multiple devices. Every visitor should have a good experience when they would log into the website with any device. Accessibility issues will interrupt the viewers experience and will make the go to your competitors’ site.

Focus on Navigation

A person should find the information they are looking for in the shortest possible time. They will leave your website if they will take longer time. Hence focus on the user experience from a findability perspective and design the site with this in mind. You can also select a good template to give the right UI/UX and help in easy navigation.

Consistency in color, font, and size

Customers will find the experience of the website a bit odd when the web pages have multiple colors. As a best practice, it is good to have two or three colors at best. The logo, the top navigation, the tabs should have the same color combinations. The font explaining the content can be in another color. This consistency should be kept in all the pages.

Provide the right kind of Content

The web site should be designed based on your buyer persona. You will have to create content based on the buyer personas you would want to target. You will have no control of the non-buyer personas visiting your website. You will have to limit the focus on a certain audience only as you cannot write content that will appeal to a wider audience.

Contact Information

You will also have to make it easy for your visitors to reach out to you. You will have to provide the right kind of social media channels from both a connect as well as a share basis. You will also have to provide contact forms and also your contact numbers and email ids in all the pages. This way your customers can reach out to you with the least efforts.

Provide the right kind of Call to Action

You write content on your pages to influence your customers to think positively about your brand and your offerings. You will have to direct them to perform certain Call To Actions after they consume a certain piece of content. This can be a social media click, an email click, a subscription button to name a few. Your visitor will now know what to do after they get influenced.

Check for Grammar, Spelling, and Plagiarism

This is not only for the users but also for the search engines. Your content should be devoid of any mistakes in spelling and in grammar. You should also ensure that your text should not be copied from other websites as that would lead to plagiarism. These factors will decrease the searchability of the web pages as search engines may decrease the rankings.

Use the right plug-ins

The website should have the right plug-ins that allows the web site to perform multiple functionalities. These range from contact forms, pop-ups, notifications, integrations with multiple other apps, image zoom to name a few. This will help the technical site be useful to your customers and would make it attractive for them.


Making sure that you look at your website not just as an information dissemination website will help you think through your customer browsing experience. You will be able to engage with your visitors a lot by planning their viewing experience better. You will then be able to convert your website into a lead generation machine.