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8 Keys To Developing Exciting Business Relationships

You can only go so far on your own, no matter how good or motivated you are. Finding complementary and helpful partnerships that can amplify your passion and strengths and propel you to the next level is your toughest business challenge. Anything is possible when we work together. So here are 8 tips to develop exciting relationships in your business.


  • Dream big — it motivates people to achieve their goals. 

A little dream or a concept with little risk won’t teach you anything, and it won’t motivate the people you need to help you. Thinking tiny won’t stir their interest, give them meaning, or inspire them to think creatively. An “impossible” challenge with a huge reward appeals to strong people.


  • Move quickly to emphasise energy and impact.

Moving swiftly is going from not knowing to knowing as soon as possible, and everyone wants to get the most out of their learning. The world around you is changing at a breakneck pace these days, and failing to stay up means you’re losing touch with the people and customers you need to thrive for.


  • Learn from experience – put fresh ideas to the test and get feedback.

Learning from reality requires humility, courage, and truly listening to others, but it allows you to make rapid changes for the better, and you will love both the road and the result. Examine the past, note what is working now, and ask customers what they want in the future.


  • Be solution-oriented if you want to achieve and learn new things.

Ideas and issues present opportunities, but collaborating with the right people provides the motivation to achieve exceptional outcomes. This will give you the confidence to come up with game-changing ideas, take on seemingly impossible issues head on, and inspire others to use what you’ve learned together.


  • Obsess over the chance to make a difference in the lives of your customers.

The more you listen to other people’s ideas on opportunities, the more you’ll notice them, and the faster your company will respond. Find a passion for a customer-driven higher purpose, such as meeting a social need or helping the environment, if you want to achieve something more significant with your life.


  • Relationships should be built with respect and without ego.

Check your ego at the entrance, because egos that are too large make trust and teamwork practically impossible. Inspire everyone you come into contact with today to want to work with you and learn more from you tomorrow. You will be repaid abundantly in other ways if you openly give credit and thanks.


  • Play to your strengths and look for others’ strengths.

Don’t waste time attempting to hide or correct all of your flaws. To optimise results and minimise time spent, spend time leveraging on the talents of people on your team and focusing on your own. Trying to be the best at everything you have to accomplish isn’t pleasant or productive.


  • Recover from every setback with zeal.

The truest test of character isn’t how you act when things are going well; it’s what you do and how well you use other people to get back on your feet when things aren’t going so well. Many individuals are willing and able to assist you in rising even higher provided you demonstrate the tenacity, learning, and grit required to never give up.

To conclude, you will have to understand what you are good at and what you are not good at. You will have to work towards filling the gaps and leverage the right people to do so. You will have to look at finding people who can complement your skills and build your team.