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7 ways to boost employee engagement

The biggest asset an organization will have are the employees. Satisfied employees are more creative, innovative and committed than their unhappy counterparts. And they tend to last in the long run. Employees are more productive, more customer-focused and more loyal and companies with high levels of employee engagement have been more profitable over the past two decades, according to several studies. Dedicated employees result in better productivity, which increases your business bottom line.


A strong strategy ensures that your employees are happier and more motivated in their jobs, which leads to lower turnover, greater customer loyalty, and increased productivity. It will fill your work environment with purpose and enthusiasm. And in the end, your employees and your company will thrive.


When you have an environment where employees are engaged doing their jobs, you will benefit from:


  • Improved business performance
  • Better employee experience
  • Increase customer satisfaction


With the right knowledge, tools, and most importantly, a people-centred mindset, this can be a powerful way to transform your business. 


Here are the seven strategies you can follow that will help improve employee engagement.


  • Provide an authentic review for positive results:


Authentic and constant evaluation will bring people close to you. They will feel that they are valued and are respected. This is more powerful than period end bonuses or prizes. It is advisable to make a habit of giving someone positive feedback every day and often in front of teammates.


This strategy is critical and especially challenging in today’s world, where it is easy for team members to be “out of sight and out of mind”. You will have to remember that feedback can be a simple text or a phone call and they will appreciate it very much.


  1.  Improve team social culture to increase happiness:


Everyone is connected to social relationships and has a basic need to feel being a part of the team. Make sure your employees feel emotionally safe with you. Then your challenge is to connect with each of them personally and strengthen those relationships among team members.


Good social relationships usually start with your initiative to get out of the work environment and talk about shared interests such as sports and family. This shows that you care about him as a person and allows you to focus on the positives.


  • Recognize stress and support it actively:


By realizing and explaining the value of stressful projects, you can make your team feel important and positive, not scary and negative. You redirect their thinking and your mindset towards success and productivity instead of surviving threats. The result is engagement and tangible results.


  1. Help people discover and apply their strengths:


Most people fail to realize their strengths and need your help and strength assessment tools to take advantage of them. Playing to your strengths increases your overall engagement and productivity, as well as your satisfaction and happiness. Strive to practice strength-focused leadership.


  1. Show people the purpose of their work:


Every study shows that people are truly engaged in their work if they believe it has values ​​and a purpose. You need to start this process by sharing your values ​​and priorities and explaining how you see the value of work linked to a bigger picture of customer satisfaction and a better future for all.


  1. Accept negative emotions as the beginning of positive emotions:


Everyone has negative emotions in a new environment or when crossing boundaries. Acknowledge this as essential. Help your team members dispel unclaimed or unfounded emotions caused by internal anxiety and show compassion and support to achieve real engagement.


  1. Reinforce intrinsic motivation through coaching:


Coaching works at both the employee-manager level and partners to connect people with resources that can help them believe in themselves, connect with resources, and find intrinsic motivation. Attracting coworkers to help others is also a great source of satisfaction and engagement.




When it comes to employee engagement, no single approach works for every company. There is no one-size-fits-all solution. This is because each company is unique, with its brand, culture, structure, and combination of people. However, there are many proven strategies out there that will pay off and make a real difference in your business.


We picked up some of the best employee engagement ideas. Choose the one that best fits your company and work together to increase employee engagement and retain your workforce.