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7 Essential Steps From A Lone Entrepreneur to a Successful Entrepreneur

We must have heard this many times. It is lonely at the top. It isn’t easy to succeed as an entrepreneur. An entrepreneur will have to establish strong business relationships with coworkers, investors, clients, and a myriad of other people. You should observe, listen, network and participate in the business world around you. As you realize, entrepreneurship is not about you alone. It is about making people contribute to your success. That is when you can scale

Here are seven essential steps for a lone entrepreneur to run a successful business.

Create a network and build it.

These are folks at all levels who have been there and done that, which means they know something you don’t. You don’t need a thousand friends to make a difference, but a few genuine ones can go a long way. So network with people and build a robust support ecosystem. That ecosystem will help you scale fast.

Give a lot and then take some.

Give and take should be a two-sided one and not just about you. When you actively help people with what you know, they will be far more willing to assist you when you need it. In both physical and figurative terms, the more you give, the more you receive.

Make improvements to your elevator pitch.

You will be meeting so many people in your life. You have to, in the shortest possible time, convey the essence of your company. Prepare, Rehearse and be Swift in delivering the perfect pitch within a few seconds. You will never know when you will meet your prospects. So always be ready.

Don’t forget to attend any business social gatherings.

Even with the current craze for social media, phone texting, and email, facetime remains crucial. According to studies, body language accounts for 50-90 percent of communication. That is usually the most critical aspect of the connection.

Take a mentor.

Build a two-way relationship with numerous persons who can assist you, and then ask one or more of them to serve as your mentor. Most entrepreneurs enjoy helping others and will be delighted to assist you.

Existing relations should be nurtured.

These are people who know and believe in you but who may not be able to assist you in your new activities immediately. But keep in mind that each of these people has a need and has a network. You can leverage that accordingly, and those people networks can become an extension of yours.

Maintain existing connections.

We’ve all met someone who claims to be a “close friend” yet never takes the initiative. They never call, never write, and always wait for you to initiate contact. There is no connection, only a former acquaintance if you do not follow up regularly with someone.


To conclude, it is essential that you network-wide and keep talking to people. It is also vital that you connect with many people, ideate with them, take their inputs, and help them. You will build a good network and a set of people who can help you scale faster.