What Clients Say

We listen to those who support us to become better.

Fiire is an amazing place for startups and entrepreneurs. They have great resources like office spaces , cafeteria as well

Arun Rathore

It's a real blessing for biz startups. A very good mentorship support system.A infrastructure. Very well maintained. It a has

Noel Mascarenhas

Great environment for a start-up to bootstrap and build their idea! Connects are reasonably good compared to any-other Incubator in

Tarun Krishnakumar

Good working environment and physical conditions! As an incubator still has a long way to go which is understandable since

Ana Margarida Esteves

It is great being part of FiiRE incubating center as a startup. Apart from providing one of the best infrastructure,

Vassant Salgaonkar

I was blessed to have glimpses of it at the groundwork level. It gives me immense pride and joy to

Patricia Valadares

Associate Incubatee

Fabulous working environment. We have made some good connections which have helped us grow longtime. Overall a great experience since

Akhilesh Bhise


I'm extremely happy working out of FiiRE. The location is very convenient, the space is clean and well maintained, the

Aaron de Miranda Colaço

Sobit Company

FIIRE has given a path to our vision, ever since we started incubating at FIIRE, things have been much faster.

Arun Singh Rathore

CEO – Dronesena

At FIIRE, we are abreast with the start-up ecosystem. We get access to the much needed help in understanding the

Harish Usgaonker

CTO, Letcetra Agritech

I have enjoyed being mentored by fiire team and I appreciate having had this wonderful opportunity to associate with you

Vassant Salgaonkar

(Mechgiri Autocare India Pvt. LTD.)

I have rented out this space since March and I would like to say that FiiRE is a place where