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A lot of us aspire to be an entrepreneur. However, all of us fear whether we will be able to make it

as an entrepreneur. We keep asking ourselves – are we suitable for entrepreneurship? Let us look at

what we need in terms of becoming a successful entrepreneur.

What is Entrepreneurship?

There are many definitions of entrepreneurship. At a high level, the definition of

entrepreneurship is an ability of someone who ventures into some unchartered business

territory and builds an organization to achieve some business and financial goals.

What are the top qualities of an Entrepreneur?

There are a few qualities that an entrepreneur should have. Let us see if you have those.


Entrepreneurship is a lonely game. No one will be there to help you in times of your

need. Hence it is important that you are very strongly motivated to reach your

financial and business goals. You will not be a good entrepreneur if you would

depend on others.


You must be focused on making your business work. You should play around with

multiple activities of a start up and must work long and hard to finish those on time.

You should be very disciplined to move forward at every stage of your journey to

reach your goals.


As a leader, you must have very strong vision for your organization. You should have

a good sense of the direction your organization should take in order to reach the



Nothing happens immediately. You would need to have enough of patience and

persistence to wade through your challenges and achieve your goals. You should

give yourself some good time to see results.

Risk taking ability

As an entrepreneur, you should have the ability to take risks when no one else is

willing to do so. Your mind should always be thinking about taking risks by investing

more to scale, hiring more people and reaching new segments of customers to name

a few.


People look up to you. As an entrepreneur, your entire company is dependent on

you. You must have high levels of leadership quotient in you. You should be self-

motivated and should also motivate your team to keep moving forward.

Passion towards work

Entrepreneurs are always working as they enjoy the work and have the passion to

reach their goals. They don’t treat this as work but as their passion. They would view

work as their passion and entertainment.

What skills should you acquire?

You have been a specialist in your job or have been a successful student in your college majoring in

one field of study. The specialist’s skills will help you to develop something that the market wants.

However, these skills will not help you be an entrepreneur. You need to acquire a lot more skills to

manage in the initial days.

You will need to ask yourself the following questions

Can you build a personal brand and market yourself?

Can you convince people to make them join you or buy your products or services?

Can you lead a team of diverse people?

Can you manage money?

Can you influence the entire ecosystem and make a change around you?

Begin working on the above-mentioned important skills that will enable you to handle the initial

months of your start up as a leader. You can then begin hiring specialists as you progress and can

build teams that will work cohesively with complementary skills.

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