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7 reasons why Employee Brand Advocacy is essential for Marketing:

In today’s world, people make their purchase decision only after getting the opinion or reviews from their peers.  Word of Mouth has a strong influence over any other modes of advertising. This means that one individual goes around talking about the brand to the people they know. The people respect or like this individual and get the confidence that they are dealing with a good brand. 


A positive Word of Mouth happens after a customer experiences the product or service and sees the value. They begin going to the other prospective customers and talk positively about the brand. How fast can every company do that. An established company can hope to scale the word of mouth. However, what happens to a startup or a mid sized company. They might not even have enough customers leave alone happy customers.


So, who is the best brand ambassador? Employees.


So, have you thought about how strong the employees’ opinion about the brand can influence people?


Yes, It goes a long way. 


By the way, What is Employee Brand Advocacy?


Employee Advocacy is the promotion of a product, service, or brand as a whole, by employees of the organization through social media channels, word-of-mouth, email or content without any incentive other than the love for the brand. 


Do you know what your employees as brand advocates can achieve for your company?


Let us see how employees brand advocacy maximises marketing effectiveness.


Increased Brand reach and recognition:

             Your employee’s social media accounts are said to have more connection numbers than the brands. When an employee shares content related to the brand, it has the potential to reach 1000’s of people.It creates awareness among the people who are not aware of the brand before. Also, It reinforces the brand again in the minds of people who already know the brand. So, a single post related to the brand is likely to get considerable recognition and reach a huge audience. This is what employee advocacy can do to the brand. 


More importantly, people will believe any content if it comes out of an individual but people have their disbeliefs if the message would come out of a brand. We mean, the company’s social media channels. So, employees will be the best bet for promoting the brand. 


More online visibility:

When employees take the effort to share the brand’s content on their social media, it is said to get more visibility than any paid advertising campaign can get. It gives a more active online presence on all digital platforms. As the world is slowly getting transformed digitally, an online presence is very vital for any brand to survive in the market now. 


Improve Employee Satisfaction and retention:

As most employees started to promote their organisation’s brand out of love for the company, it directly reflects their satisfaction towards their job. This can also create a positive influence on the people. Also, when employees are satisfied with their job, they tend to stay longer in the company. In both ways, this provides integrity to the company. 


Creates a feeling of togetherness:


What employees think about their brand or organisation they work for, speaks volumes. They can help to drive brand awareness to a great extent. So, empowering them through brand advocacy is a sure win way to achieve great results. So, next time you are seeking to boost results, consider the power of your employees and come together to create your very own culture.


“Work together and Lead your employees.”


Increased lead conversations:

Many companies are getting most of their leads through this employee brand advocacy strategy. Their positive word of mouth has the potential to convert them to customers. It is said that the leads converted through employee brand advocacy occur more frequently than the other lead generation strategies.


Build trust and Credibility:

Most likely people tend to trust employee’s words and do the purchase. When people get satisfied with the product that the employee suggested, this builds trust and gives more credibility to the company. Unless you are proven to be credible, your brand won’t grow beyond a certain point. With employee advocacy, your brand will receive more attention.


Influence customers decisions:

Employee advocacy has a huge influence on the customer’s decision. The employees are the point of contact between the customer and the company. The customers believe that employees are the first customers and will be honest about the reviews and recommendations they give. Customers at times blindly believe the employees and make their purchase as they have much belief in them.


Your employees are the strong pillars of your company’s success. As a key player in your social media marketing strategy, your employees have the opportunity to wear the brand marketing hat! Your reputation and brand image cannot be faked or bought. Therefore, the employees are very important to build a loyal network of dedicated consumers and interested customers.