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Tips to increase your customer’s experience

As a startup business owner, you know your initial sets of customer experience is very important for you to improve your sales. These are the people who can give you additional reference customers. You will not be having enough money power to be able to spend more money in advertising or promotions. You will have to depend on the existing customers’ power to get you a new one. Here we discuss a few simple ways of how to increase your customers’ experience with your firm.

Improving Customer experience helps you in improving customer retention, improving customer satisfaction, and increasing cross-selling and upselling.

Invest in good people and retain them

People serve people. You don’t have the process that can serve your customers. Hence you will have to identify the right sets of people with the right attitude. You can then train those people with the right skills. You will have to give them a holistic picture of your support strategy and then make them learn it. It will take time for the person to settle down. Hence it is important for you to ensure that the good people stay back with you.

Be in touch with your customers regularly

You will of course have a handful of customers that you would have serviced and you will be servicing. Most of them would have come into the system because you would have spoken to them or they would have learned about you. They might have even heard or would have enquired about you and would have felt comfortable that they are in the right hands. Hence it is important for you to be in touch with your customers on a constant basis. This might make them feel confident in coming back to you or to even refer you to some other potential customers.

Outline your strategy to service customers

Figure out internally how you would want to service your customers. You will have to ask yourself the following questions. You will it have to decide the strategy based on the following aspects.

  1. Product
  2. Support team on the phone
  3. Support team on the chat
  4. Videos to describe the use of the product
  5. Solving the problems ahead of them being customers by writing informational articles

Improve your process to increase satisfaction

You will have to build your process or come out with the service methodology once you define your service strategy. You can begin writing manuals or design workflows and can begin answering all the questions that your customers might be asking your team. You can also begin drafting the responses that your team is supposed to give.

Train your employees

Once the manuals are written and the templates are ready, it is time to train your team. Your team should have a good understanding of the customer’s problems and their situation. Your team should be trained on both the hard as well as soft aspects of the support they are supposed to give. This will help them be knowledgeable as well as be friendly with the customers. They will be able to solve the problem and also keep the customers happy.

Empower them to take decisions

Sometimes, the team has to go beyond the call of support and help the customers in multiple ways. They might have to make additional concessions. They might request the customer to wait but may not have access to you for a while. This might cause angst with the customer. No customer would like to speak with someone who always says “ I am not authorized.. I will get back to you”.. So, giving them some extra limits of allowance and making them take the decisions on the spot will help the customers being very happy. The customers will go back happy that they got some positive help when they had called.

Lead by example

Finally, you would not want to tell your employees to do something that you yourself will not do. Your employees in your startup will look at you with a lot of respect because you are leading an organization that has nothing. Hence, many a time, you will have to roll up the sleeves, get into the thick of the situation, and should show how things are to be done. This will give a lot of confidence to your employees and they will begin following you


To conclude, anticipate what your customers are going to expect out of you. You will then be able to create good systems and processes in place. These support systems will help you serve your customers better. These customers can in turn connect you with multiple other customers and you can grow your business.

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