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Taranbir Sahni and Parminder Sahni are the co-founders of VsnapU, a platform for photographers focused on the tourism domain. VsnapU specializes in photoshoots that capture the essence of travel experiences, and they have established a strong presence in Goa, partnering with 5-star hotels and leading lifestyle brands to provide professional photo shoots to clients. VsnapU acknowledges the significance of FiiRE's Tourism Accelerator Program for startups like them, working in the tourism domain. The program provided them with access to mentors, support, guidance, and invaluable connections in their journey to make a positive impact in the tourism industry. “Tourism Accelerator Program is very important for startups like us who are working in the tourism domain in India, and this is the first program happening in terms of tourism. This is the second Cohort of the incubation program that is available. Startups require mentors' support, special assistance, guidance, and connections on this journey, and this Accelerator program will help us through the same in this journey, making us sail comfortably. Furthermore, tourism being a niche domain, and Goa being a niche geography, programs like this are of huge benefits."

Taranbir Sahni and Parminder Sahni, Co-founders,