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Sudarshan Borker made a courageous decision to leave his corporate startup job and return to his roots in Goa, driven by a desire to explore his strengths and capabilities in various areas such as marketing, operations, and customer connection. As a proud Goan, he found immense motivation in the idea of building a brand from Goa. With a vision to create authentic products for individuals embracing yoga and using natural skincare items, Due to the raise awareness about the harmful effects of chemical products on our skin. This led to the development of Nature Essential Oils, incorporating nature-based skincare formulations crafted with a variety of oils. Additionally, he introduced a sustainable yoga mat made from natural rubber and cork, aiming to replace conventional yoga mats in the market. Sudarshan's passion for promoting genuine products, coupled with his commitment to sustainability, has been the driving force behind his venture, inspiring individuals to adopt a more mindful and nature-friendly approach to their well-being. “FiiRE has provided us with tremendous support and connected us with the right people. This has been instrumental for our business, as traveling to Panjim for everything, especially when dealing with government officials and partnering with different business houses, is quite a distance from South Goa. Thanks to FiiRE, we can accomplish all of this from the comfort of our location. We are truly grateful for the opportunities and support FiiRE has given us.”

Sudarshan Borker

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