The Business Diva Competition 2021

GCCI Convention Hall, Panaji / April 23, 2021

 Who can apply:

Women above the age of 18 can apply under the following categories :-

  • CATEGORY 1 –              Businesses in operation for less than two years (starting up)
  • CATEGORY 2 –              Businesses in operation for more than two years (scaling up)


The Business Diva Competition 2021 aims to :

  1. Encourage and facilitate entrepreneurship among women
  2. Identify and support women with innovative businesses in starting up
  3. Assist established women entrepreneurs in scaling up
  4. Raise the standard of living of society through women empowerment

Winners get:

  • Cash Prize
  • Support by FiiRE
  • Mentoring by Industry Veterans
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Access to Funding


01st March, 2021               Launch of The Business Diva Competition 2021

29th March, 2021              Applications Close

01st April, 2021                 Announcement of Semi-Finalists

17th April, 2021                 Semi-Finals

20th April, 2021                 Finals

23rd April, 2021                 Prize Distribution


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