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Satyen Vaiude is an experienced environment professional with a long-standing career as an environmental consultant. During his tenure at his previous organization, they encountered challenges in retrieving and analyzing five years' worth of data, which had become unmanageable. It was this pivotal moment that sparked the realization of what was lacking and prompted the idea to implement technology in their operations. With the primary goal of helping organizations become inspection-ready. Lara Menezes, a qualified Chartered Accountant and entrepreneur, joined forces with Satyen in their pursuit of revolutionizing the industry. They recognized the need for a comprehensive solution that would streamline accounting processes and ensure organizations are prepared for inspections. Together, they founded CompTrack, an innovative company that leverages technology to address these challenges and provide organizations with the tools they need to thrive. “FiiRE has been extremely supportive throughout our journey. We have had the privilege of having mentors and advisors who have provided guidance and assistance every step of the way.”

Satyen Vaiudi and Lara Menezes