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Fatorda, Margao Goa
Rajay Rassaikar, a computer science graduate, and Deep Dalsania, a plastic engineer with experience in waste management, joined forces after a casual discussion about India's current waste management challenges. The realization of the government's increasing focus on addressing these issues sparked their motivation to work on a solution. Their journey began as they sought to find sustainable solutions for plastic packaging waste management. This quest led them to embark on their entrepreneurial endeavor. With a shared vision, Rajay and Deep started working towards implementing effective strategies in waste management, driven by their commitment to environmental sustainability. “The environment at FiiRE is incredibly vibrant and uplifting. It fills us with happiness and a profound sense of purpose, making it an ideal location to establish our company. Being in this space allows us to build a strong network and establish meaningful connections.Choosing FiiRE as our office space has proved to be a fantastic decision. Coming to the office feels great, and it provides us with opportunities to foster new connections. That's precisely why we opted for this exceptional workspace.”

Rajay Rassaikar and Deep Dalsania

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