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PR mistakes a startup does and how to avoid those

Start-ups have lots of constraints. They range from lack of funds, lack of developed products, lack of customers, and lack of people to name a few. Hence it is important that the branding is done right so that the message reaches out to the ideal customers as fast as possible. The branding has also to be done right because the message has to go to the customers the right way.

PR is one good way because it allows your brands to be seen by the customers in a non-salesy way. PR will engage with your customers and will build a trust element in your brand. Following are the 5 big PR mistakes that usually start-up companies commit and also the ways to avoid them.

  1. Starting with no PR plan:

The most common mistake with today’s start-up companies is entering into business without a PR plan. Though Marketing and PR are different entities, try to combine each other and involve your PR department with marketing. It is important that you hire an external PR consultancy and try to develop an effective and realistic PR plan that works well for you in reaching your goals.

  1. Not being consistent in showing up:

Many startups work hard and engage with the media. They show something exciting to the media. The media gets excited about the new company or the product. They publish the startup. However, the startups don’t engage with the media consistently. They reach out to the media after a few months. The media thinks that the startups will reach out only when they have something new occasionally. The media might ignore. On the other hand, it is also not good for a startup. The startup gets shown once the audience and then gets in front of the audience only after an year or two. The startup brand is completely forgotten. Hence it is important that the startup gets active in PR on a regular basis.

  1. Lesser sense on your target segment/audience:

When you don’t know your target audience well enough, developing products to their needs or even reaching out to them becomes difficult. A good PR strategy will help you to identify your target audience and to tailor your brand messages to them. Knowing your intended audience is vital for product development.

  1. Always shooting for the stars:

Another mistake made by start-ups is that they starting off with unrealistic expectations about the popular media covering up their stories. But, sometimes reaching out to local publications is more effective as, their followers might likely be your actual target audience. PR plan will help you determine which local media can be targeted and the ways to best reach out to them. This could bring positive results long-term.

  1. Not knowing what and when to announce:

While launching your fresh new product/service be cautious of bad timings. It’s important to be updated on getting to know about daily happenings. For your company to get well noticed, prepare on announcing something worth talking about and also consider planning a date of the announcement that doesn’t coincide with any big event, conference or holiday to standout.


This article might have helped in bringing in some clarity and guide on identifying and making up the PR mistakes in the near future. A professional community is a great advantage for new businesses and it is a great way to start building that community for yourself with the help of PR.

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