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Kanan Tandi, an MBA graduate from a premier business institute in India, brings her expertise in human behaviour to CogniCue. With a background in body language and micro-expression reading and decoding, she started her own training firm in 2014. Kanan's passion for psychology led her to pursue a master's degree in clinical psychology. Through CogniCue, she aims to create a world that embraces honesty and judgement-free interactions. Fasih Ahmad Fakhri, the technical expert behind CogniCue, holds a B.Tech degree in Computer Science. His profound experience in software design and development spans over a decade. Having previously worked with prominent companies like HT Media and an Airtel-backed startup, Fasih's dedication to improving the system fuels CogniCue's growth. Prior to starting CogniCue, he was involved in his own fintech start-up, showcasing his entrepreneurial spirit. “When we started our journey as a startup, we believed that FiiRE is the best incubation center we could ever have. FiiRE has provided us with invaluable support and resources, making it an ideal destination for budding startups like ours.” In a world where communication plays a pivotal role, understanding the nuances of human emotions and expressions can be a game-changer. CogniCue, a dynamic start-up founded by Kanan Tandi and Fasih Ahmad Fakhri, aims to harness the power of artificial intelligence to analyze non-verbal signals and convert them into meaningful insights. By leveraging facial expression recognition, emotion analysis, and sentiment analysis, CogniCue offers a range of products and services that cater to various sectors, including finance, education technology, and recruitment. Let's delve into the intriguing journey of this Goa-based start-up and explore the impact they are making. The inception of CogniCue faced the typical challenges that most start-ups encounter. Funding-related issues, marketing strategies, making initial connections, and identifying the right marketplace were hurdles that Kanan and Fasih had to overcome. However, their tenacity and determination allowed them to navigate through these obstacles, building a robust foundation for their venture.

Kanan Tandi