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Harshvardhan is the founder of Upswing Cognitive Solution, a big data analytics and process automation startup specializing in the travel and hospitality industry. Their mission is to assist hotels in generating more revenue and operating efficiently through innovative big data solutions and process automation tools. Joining the Goa Tourism Accelerator by FiiRE was a strategic move for Upswing Cognitive Solution. Through the program, they aimed to promote hotel benefits and explore the potential of big data to optimize the tourism experience. Upswing Cognitive Solution places strong emphasis on sustainability, particularly in reducing plastic waste by transforming the use of plastic key cards in hotels. “FiiRE's Goa Tourism Accelerator has accelerated our growth and provided us with the resources and connections to make a real difference in the travel and hospitality industry. We are grateful for this opportunity and look forward to transforming the way hotels operate in Goa and beyond."

Harshvardhan, Founder,

Upswing Cognitive Solution