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Fatorda, Margao Goa

FiiRE Work! Work!

Work alongside an innovation driven community, not too far away from the beaches.FiiRE’s Coworking spaces are specially designed to foster creativity and productivity as well as encourage a collaborative, mindset, where personal and business growth becomes a natural outcome.

About FiiREWork

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Our co-working space in Goa serves as a catalyst for innovation, connecting brilliant minds in a dynamic and
inspiring setting. With a sprawling 25,000 sq. ft. area that includes labs, our facility attracts founders, startup
teams, and corporate professionals seeking a perfect blend of work and life. Goa’s enchanting sea breeze, the warm
hospitality of its people, and a collaborative startup community make it an ideal destination for fostering productivity
and creativity.
At FiiRE’s Coworking spaces, we prioritize the cultivation of a collaborative mindset and aim to create an
environment that nurtures personal and business growth. Our thoughtfully designed spaces are tailored to inspire
creativity, encourage productivity, and foster collaboration. By becoming a part of our co-working community, you
gain access to a network that thrives on innovation, mutual support, and shared success.
Join us in Goa and experience the vibrant energy of our co-working space. Unlock your potential, forge meaningful
connections, and be part of a community where ideas take flight. Embrace the limitless possibilities that await you in
our innovative and growth-driven environment.



Area (Sq. Ft.)


TestBed (Acres)


Coworking Space

FiiRE, Fatorda

  • Incubation
  • Coworking
  • Prototyping
  • FiiRE Space

FiiRE, Panjim

  • Prototype testbed
  • FiiRE Skills
  • FiiRE Business
  • FiiRE Space

FiiRE, Sulcona

  • FiiRE Skilling Course
  • FiiRE Business
  • Coworking
  • FiiRE Space


Meeting Room/ Conference Room

A well-equipped meeting room with modern amenities, providing a professional space

Dedicated Desk

Enjoy the convenience and consistency of your own dedicated desk, providing a

Open Desk

A flexible and shared workspace that fosters collaboration and interaction among fellow


Private cubicles for those seeking a more secluded working space, ensuring privacy and focus while still being part of a vibrant Coworking community.

Day Pass

Ideal for freelancers, digital nomads, or occasional visitors, our day pass offers access to all Coworking facilities for a single day, allowing you to work in a professional environment whenever needed.

Flexi Seats

Experience the flexibility of a flexible seating arrangement, allowing you to choose your workspace on a daily basis, based on availability, and adapt to your changing needs.



High Speed Internet

Power back in case of power failure

Dedicated work space

Access to FiiRE Infrastructure

Access To College Talent for Internship Employment


Spacious Parking


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Stay Connected !

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