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Goa Tourism Accelerator 2023

#Goa Tourism Accelerator 2023

About Program

The Goa Tourism Accelerator is a program specifically designed for visionary startup founders who are developing solutions to futureproof the travel, tourism, and hospitality industries. With a focus on empowering stakeholders and driving growth in the tourism sector, this 12–16-week accelerator program aims to redefine the Go-To-Market strategy for startups with existing traction or those introducing their solutions to the industry for the first time.
Through the previous two cohorts of the program, the Goa Tourism Accelerator has successfully supported 25 startups out of the 125+ applications received from around the world. These startups have showcased technological innovations in various crucial areas such as waste management, customer experience, new payment solutions, mobility, and sustainability, among others. By rethinking tourism, particularly in the face of climate change and global warming, the program strives to facilitate effective solutions by encouraging the right questions and driving transformative change.
Join us at FiiRE as we embark on this exciting journey with the Tourism Accelerator Program, where startups can expect guidance and mentorship to navigate the challenges of the industry. Together, we will shape the future of tourism and create sustainable solutions for a better tomorrow.
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Focus Areas


Access to TourismTech Founders Club

Piloting Opportunity with Govt.

Access to Investor Network

PPCC Opportunity with the Partners


Naresh Nagaraj

CFO Kriya Ventures

Manoj Agarwal

Managing Partner SEAFUND

Hari Ganapathy

Co-Founder Pickyourtrail


Director, Govt. Relations RedBus

Anil Joshi

Managing Partner- Unicorn India Ventures

Ajay Jain

Co-Founder and Managing Partner Silverneedle Ventures


Proof of Concept

We provide financial aid and mentorship to startups in the early stages of ideation. Our aim is to help
entrepreneurs refine their concepts, conduct market research, and develop a robust proof of concept that
demonstrates the potential of their innovative solutions in the tourism industry.

Prototype Development

We support startups in the development of prototypes and minimum viable products (MVPs). Through financial
aid, technical expertise, and industry connections, we enable entrepreneurs to bring their innovative ideas to life,
building functional prototypes that can be tested and validated in real-world scenarios.

Product Trials

We believe in the importance of validating products and solutions in real-market conditions. We provide
financial support to startups for conducting product trials, gathering user feedback, and iterating on their offerings
to ensure they meet the needs and expectations of the tourism industry.

Market Entry and Commercialization

We assist startups in scaling their operations and entering the market successfully. We provide seed funding and
strategic guidance to help entrepreneurs refine their go-to-market strategies, secure partnerships, and establish a
strong presence in the tourism industry.